The Global First Decentralized Social Connections Ecology Based on Blockchain


人脉资产是有价值的 人脉资产的价值属于用户自身,而不是任何平台

Delink Points

Social connections asset is valuable All value of social connections asset belong to users only, not to any platform.



The global first coin for connecting people to people is listed on bitforex

>>> DELC/ETH <<<
Delink上线币夫“通证经济改造专区” 涨幅259.16% 去中心化人脉价值分享平台Delink今日已上线BitForex币夫交易所的“通证经济改造专区”,DELC现价0.19元,涨幅259.16%。Delink官方表示,此次上线是生态挖矿与确权的小规模测试,币夫已与Delink达成战略合作,承诺将推进Delink拓展亚太区人脉价值网络。
Delink listed on bitforex “ENT tokenization” increased by 259.16% Delink, the decentralized social connections value sharing platform, has been launched on the “ENT tokenization” of BitForex exchange platform today. The current price of DELC is 0.19 CNY, an increase of 259.16%. Delink official claimed that this launch is a small-scale test of ecological mining and confirmation. The price also increases due to the increased trading which the automation does. Go through this bitcoin era bewertung to learm about automated trading app which the investors will find more swift and time saving. Bitforex has reached a strategic cooperation with Delink and promised to promote Delink to expand its social connections value network of Asia Pacific.
Delink and BUMO reached a strategic cooperation and will accept the BUMO token BU investment method According to official BUMO news, the decentralized network sharing ecology Delink has reached a strategic cooperation with the commercial public chain BUMO. BUMO will provide technical and financing support for Delink; Delink will use blockchain technology to reform the asset ownership of the centralized Internet platform, reinvent the profit distribution model in the field of talent circulation through the token incentive mechanism, encourage community users to share their connections through “connections is mining” idea, and return the ownership and value of social connections assets to the users. It also integrates automated crypto trading platforms; check https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-era/ for more information about automated trading. In addition, Delink will also accept BUMO token BU investment in its new round of financing. BU is now quoted at 1.5 CNY, an increase of 11.51%.
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