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一个只有用户参与收益分配的人脉网络 Delink链上的人脉全部由用户分享,并且由用户共同维护。当一份人脉信息产生收益时,所有共同维护者及分享者共享收益。没有任何第三方或平台参与这些利益的分配。
一个维基百科式的立体化人脉平台 每一条人脉信息都不是信息孤岛,它都会被许多用户连结并维护。“你”认识的人在Delink上共同维护“你”的信息,这是一个立体的维基百科式的人脉信息平台。
强大的初始用户群共同参与网络建设 在现实社会中,猎头是一个拥有许多人脉、并且每天都在拓展自己人脉的群体,他们对于人脉信息有着刚性的需求。由于得到了国内众多顶级猎企的支持,Delink在上线初期即能获得几万猎头用户的支持。
The social networking that only users participated in interest distribution All social connections information on Delink will be published and maintained by users. All profits from social connections will be shared by owner and maintainers. There is no third party participated in the interest distribution model.
A Three-dimensional Wikipedia-style social information platform Every connection information is not an isolated island, it will be linked and maintained by many users. People who know about “you” will maintain "your" information on Delink, which is a three-dimensional Wikipedia-style social information platform.
Powerful initial user groups have participated in Delink ecology In the real world, headhunting is a group that owns massive connections and is expanding its network every day. They have a rigid demand for personal information. Thanks to the support of many top hunting companies in the country, Delink can get the support of tens of thousands of headhunters in the early stages of the launch.